I watch people.
I read about people.
I learn a lot about ugly or good things of people.
But MY LIFE IS BARREN. There's nothing even worth a second look.
So for a long time I thought those things I watch, I hear, I read about only existed in my fantasy. 

I found it unbelievable, when see them with my own eyes.
Magnificent, fantastic, splendid, fabulous, marvelous, remarkable...
Supercalifragilisticexpiadocious :)
At that moment I just wanted to use all the good words I could come up with, all that either cheesy or elegant, it doesn't matter.
I was bursting with joy.

I was going to say perhaps that's the difference between nihilists and existentialists, but it seemed to complicate the whole thing.

I'm a pathetic but lucky fellow.

Their lives are like flowing steams, and I'm the one standing by the riverside.
With clean, sad rain pouring down.

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